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RankMovie – Rubric (Sorted by Rank Overall)Score
1Who Framed Roger Rabbit – Double Shots of Bourbon4.44
220,000 Leagues Under the Sea – Whale Tales4.42
3Swiss Family Robinson – Coconut Bombs4.31
4Flight of the Navigator – Scuzzbuckets4.3
5Absent-Minded Professor – Tin Lizzies4.15
6Old Yeller – Horny Toad4.06
7The Shaggy Dog – Ancient Curses4
8Honey, I Shrunk the Kids – Little Debbie Oatmeal Cream Pies4
9Jouney of Natty Gann – Ray Wise Smolder3.9
10Rocketeer – Sticks of Beemans Gum3.65
11The Love Bug – Cups of Irish Coffee3.63
12The Journey of Natty Gann (Revisit)3.63
13Tron – ID Disk3.56
14The Ugly Dachshund – Drunken Harrys3.56
15Great Mouse Detective – Liver Pills3.44
16The Three Caballeros (Revisit)3.38
17Son of Flubber – IRS Audits/Gov. Overreach3.38
18Splash – Batchie Balls3.31
19Darby O’Gill and the Little People – Stirabout3.25
20Freaky Friday (2003) – Post Grunge Band References3.25
21Freaky Friday (Revisit)2.88
22The Black Hole – Murder Robots2.88
23Herbie Rides Again – Wrecking Balls2.81
24Freaky Friday – Bottle’s of Gin2.8
25The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes – Turtle Neck Sweaters2.75
26Three Caballeros – Pretty Girls2.73
27Shaggy D.A. – Cups of Tomato Licorice2.63
28Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo – √Čtoile de Joie2.5
29Fun and Fancy Free – POYQUE!2.25
30Escape to Witch Mountain – Flying Winnebagos2.25
31Million Dollar Duck – Richard Nixons2.13
32Boatniks – Salami Torpedos1.8
33Herbie Goes Bananas – Whole Broiled Chickens1.44
34Gus – Dick Butkus Haircuts1.2
35Unidentified Flying Oddball – Playtime Magazines1.06
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